“Frontiers and Revolutions” – International Conference in Azores, Portugal

Julianna Borbély, PhD (PCU English Department) and Gizella Horváth, PhD (PCU, Department of Fine Arts) attended the 4th International Multidisciplinary Congress PHI 2018: “Modernity: Frontiers and Revolutions” organized by CIAUD and CHAM research centers from Portugal at S. Miguel, Azores, Portugal on 3-6 October 2018.

The congress brought together scholars and academics who explored the concepts of modernity, frontiers and revolutions in their fields ranging from architecture, arts and humanities, technology and social and natural sciences. Discussion of these concepts centered on frontiers being both limits and challenges, and revolutions seen as processes that change an old paradigm and simultaneously create a new one. Papers focused on how Frontiers and Revolutions influenced life from the 16th century onwards in all areas: culture, society, science, the arts, humanities and politics.

Julianna Borbély’s paper, „Revolutions on Film in the Postmodern Narrative: A Matter of Illusion and Memory” analyzed how two films present two different revolutions: Snowpiercer (2013, post-apocalyptic sci-fi film that presents an imaginary revolution) and 12:08 East of Bucharest (2006, a satirical comedy revolving around the 1989 Romanian revolution). Both films suggest that objective representation of revolutions on the silver screen are not possible, and can only be perceived as an illusion or memories. Gizella Horváth’s paper, “The Modern Paradigm of Art and Its Frontiers” dealt with notions such as beauty, genius, and the modern work of art.

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